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Supporting Toxic Tort Litigation through Archival Research

McCaffery & Associates provides historical research and expert witness services primarily to law firms involved in asbestos or toxic tort defense.   We specialize in naval, maritime, aviation and military subjects including ships, aircraft and vehicles which involve the use of asbestos, asbestos products and other toxic substances.

  A First Line of Defense
Refute, or confirm, factual elements of an asbestos claim or toxic tort claim

A Effective Defense through Cost Effective Research

Find out almost anything about a ship, aircraft or vehicle built or used by the Federal Government

Using Historical Research

Locating relevant documents is only part of the task.

Company Background & Services
Located near all of the most important naval, maritime, aviation and military document collections.

Senior Staff
All of our researchers are experienced naval and maritime officers or litigation paralegals.

Frequently Asked Questions


Due to the potential for conflicts of interest between our existing asbestos litigation related clients and asbestos plaintiffs, we do not actively seek assignments from the asbestos plaintiff bar. 

If you are an asbestos plaintiff firm looking for high-quality historical research, we recommend:

Nicklason Research Associates
2217 North Harrison Street
Arlington, VA 22205

703-536-5180 / mleutbacker@nicklason.com